Me (Green Coat) with my Mother and Cousins, Deirdre and Sheila


 Multipersonalitied recording artist Fiona hails from NJ, USA. Pushed on stage by desperate teachers since first grade because of her unusually loud speaking voice and complete lack of stage fright she was handed a shillelagh, a clarinet and finally a microphone. Cast as a singing bandleader in the high school play she knew immediately her destiny. Encouraged by her father to be a newscaster or a nun she ignored this advice and moved to NYC.
The normal series of demos with Eddy Offord and The Dixie Dregs and a day job with iconic photographer Andrew Unangst led to her Atlantic Records debut.

Talk to Me, produced by local hero Peppi Marchello of  The Good Rats, was an out of the box sensation and the MTV rotation caught the eye of Miami Vice producers where she was kept awake for 158 hours to star as Jackie in the New York Times hailed Little Miss Dangerous episode of the hit TV show.  Two more albums on Atlantic and then a jump to Geffen for the AOR melodic rock smash Squeeze album followed.  Along the way she dueted with her friend Kip Winger on the radio/MTV most requested hit Everything You Do and starred with Bob Dylan and Rupert Everett in the movie Hearts of Fire.

Now, after a hiatus (during which she got married, graduated from UCLA, worked for the late great Danny Sugerman and the Doors, got hired away by PriceWaterhouse then retired six weeks later to reproduce (first one child, then another) here is the return of one of the early Queens of Rock.





Classic Rock Magazine

“If musical talent were explosive, then Fiona would be the most dangerous woman in the world.”

NY DAILY NEWS  Thursday, May 10, 1990

        "…I say see it anyway, if only because Fiona is loose, charming and likeable, a little reminiscent of a young Diane Keaton. It’s not her fault the script
mostly calls for her to fall asleep".


"Fiona is a true artist, when she walks up to a microphone, the room is transformed.”


Photo:Kevin Hodapp
@ The Stone Pony NJ

 No Zebras were harmed in the making of these pants! 



NY Times , Sunday, June 4 1989
Three TV Shows That Captured a Decade


"…And who can forget that episode about the achingly vulnerable hooker who falls in love with Rico Tubbs, ties him to a bed between stabbings and then shoots herself in the head? (“This is what you want,” the soundtrack changed over and over. “This is what you get.”)
        This was what we got. This was what we wanted".

Times Sentinal 1992

"She was just a clear eyed  young girl. I assumed she must be a helluva singer because they were making this big movie around her".


Once again coerced and encouraged by friends, musicians, fans, the Internet and finally the grammar school PTO, Fiona is back with a hugely rocking CD produced by James Christian.

“I was trying to figure out how to have some serious music back in my life and after reconnecting with my friend, Robin Beck, it made sense. Songs started pouring in and pouring out and I couldn’t wait to get started. Now here it is.
It’s been a wild ride and a wonderful life and along the way I’ve worked with and loved and laughed with some of the best in the world. I am grateful to have this opportunity to sing again.




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